Friday, April 23, 2010

Watch Out For The Snake

Well this was an interesting one.  I did read Proverbs 23 today for my devotions, but had to run and pick up my 87 year old mother to go clothes shopping.  We weren't successful because there were no clothes for sale where she thought they were supposed to be, but we had a nice day together.

I came back home and decided to see if I could write something this afternoon based on what I read this morning.  Sure enough, when I had been reading this morning, I could tell there might be a song there about food....with a deeper meaning of course.

Low and behold, a song has come forth.

Have fun and watch out for the snake!

Listen here: Watch Out For The Snake

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More to life than silver and gold

I'm on my 3rd morning of sharing 'devotional notes'.

Every morning I've been writing a song to captivate the phrases I feel the Lord speaking to me from the scripture, or whatever He chooses to use.

I am thinking of it as a way to be 'unhindered' and 'unleashed'.

As a songwriter, it's so easy to get caught up in honing, rhyming, syllablizing (I know - that's probably not a word) and wondering if it could be a hit or not.  Just being honest.  And if I want to make a living doing this, I should think about those things I guess.

But I'm wanting to get back to just singing to the Lord without any of these hindrances.  Don't get me wrong, they still creep around the corners of my mind, but I must press on and put aside any hindrance!

So here's the one for today: (based on Prov. 22:1,2,4,9, 17-18)

There's more to life than silver and gold
The rich and poor, God made them both
True humility and fear of the Lord
Lead to riches, honor and more

     Listen to the words of the wise
     Apply your heart to the truth
     Keep it inside of your heart
     Keep it on the edge of your lips

There's more to life than silver and gold
The rich and poor, God made them both
Being held in high esteem
Gets you more than money could bring

There's more to life than silver and gold
The rich and poor, God made them both
Blessed are those who give away
Give to the poor it's the Kingdom way.

Listen to it here:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tap, Tap, Tap

I try to read a chapter from Proverbs every day.  I've done that for years because I find myself always in need of wisdom.

Today I read from Proverbs 20 (it's the 20th of April) and I came upon one of my favorite verses.

Proverbs 20:5 says "though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out."

That tells me that deep within my heart wisdom sits, waiting to be drawn upon.  As I allow the Holy Spirit to fill me, He gives me an overflowing supply ready for me to tap into.

I began to play a pattern on the piano and sensed the 'tap tap tap' coming up from within.  As I focus on the words I hear, I find a haunting melody comes forth.

Maybe you will enjoy it too.  Remember, take time to tap into the well you have within you. Take a listen here ("Tap, Tap, Tap")