Friday, April 5, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 91 New York

One year ago two ladies began sensing that God was nudging them to do something for the women of their community. They started meeting every week to pray and seek God as to what they should do.

They began to sense a leading to host a women's conference in their town. They began to gather other ladies to help catch the vision.

Tonight, their dream is coming true. The tables are set, the centerpieces have been beautifully crafted of bricks, sand, candles and flowers.

Tomorrow they will see their dream fulfilled. They took a big step of faith and women have been signing up. (See a pic of the program they designed below).

I arrived tonight as the guest speaker and musician for the weekend conference. It's located in a town called Endwell, New York at Our Savior Lutheran Church. They came up with the theme "Lord Help Me, I'm Stuck." I believe this will be a powerful theme and that God will meet many women in an hour of need. He often does at these kinds of things.

As it turns out, many of us have experienced set backs this week but we have all made it here and are looking forward to seeing a vision fulfilled.

I was touched by their passion and excitement. This is a new venture for them and I believe it will pay off.

It took me 4 hours to get here, with a bad accident starting off my trip (not me) and construction delays, but I had a beautiful drive up interstate 81 North. I snapped a picture along the way, but it doesn't do justice to the views I enjoyed. (Pic below)

As I drove, I pondered what kind of rewards I would offer if I do a crowd-funded campaign for my own vision. I'm curious to have your feedback. Rewards are offered for different levels of giving when you do a campaign.

Do you think people would enjoy the opportunity to take a trip to Nashville with me as a reward for a larger gift?
What would you be interested in observing about my trips if you had the chance to go?......Recording, photo shoot, live producer coaching sessions??

(I'm trying to think of creative things to offer back to those who will help sponsor this Christmas show idea.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What about....
A music lesson?
An hour to sit and talk about your own dream and how I could help you achieve your's?
Free tickets to the show?
Free CDs with a personalized message written on the inside?
What about a personalized song for someone you love (or maybe even for you?)

Just thinking......

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