Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 101 Going Deeper

By now you are getting very familiar with all that it's going to take to do a CD and a show.  There's certainly more to come, but I think I'd like to take this a little deeper.  Committing to doing this "one bite at a time" or in simpler terms - doing one thing a day toward my goal (and blogging about it) has had a serious impact on me.

I now ponder other goals in my life and know that I can apply this to any of those goals and make progress.  

But just like the 'inner dolls' in the russian nesting dolls or 'matryoshka dolls' pictured below, there are many layers to this story.  I want to take you to at least doll # 4.  That's the beauty of this blog.  Only those who read it will get to know places inside of me that others may never know.  

One of our pastors recently shared a message using these dolls as an illustration and it was so powerful, I asked if I could use his idea.  I can keep this blog on level # 1 (my public persona) or I can take you to at least # 3 and maybe # 4.  Of course, # 5, represents the places in me that only God really knows.  I think sometimes I tap into # 5, but only as He opens the curtains and lets me peek.  Most of the time it's so deep that I can't get my brain around it.  At times, when I can let go of all earthly worries and details, I can sense that 5th level and that is where my dreams are coming from (in my inexperienced opinion).

Though I will keep you posted on the details as things unfold, right now, I'm going to start sharing the 'why' behind this whole idea of a Christmas show.  Stay tuned.

         # 1 Public     # 2 Family    # 3 Personal   # 4  Hidden  # 5  Unknown
Today I got an e-mail from the president of the Christian Student Fellowship of HACC.  He would like to set up a meeting between the three of us - himself, the advisor and me.

That's good news.

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